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Whether you are a semi elite club or high performance sports school, Baseline is the key to making your team or organisation run smoothly.  With easy to use communication tools, detailed reporting, file sharing, speciality modules and a full injury and wellness mobile app, Baseline saves you time, provides real insights to support the welfare of your teams and delivers winning results.  It is the solution of choice for any code at any level but without the big cost.


All your records, schedules and data in one place. Accessible by all your staff and athletes from their own devices. Retain all the knowledge, support group messaging and securely store communications and Intellectual property for compliance support, no matter who comes and goes.


The easy to use and view messaging centre allows for group or individual communications quickly and seamlessly. Share the latest news, fixtures, rosters and provide post match reports and videos scheduled into the calendar. For compliance support, you can retain all messages and txts for review at anytime.


Review extensive reports from training loads, self injury, game data, injury health and wellness to support welfare and improve performance. Record injuries and treatments to ensure the best care and manage liability. Access professional modules for concussion management, sports medicine, physiotherapy, coaching, strength and conditioning. All  in easy to view dashboards.

Baseline brings it all together

The Baseline Mobile App

Access to the Baseline mobile app is included for everyone of your Baseline members and includes:

  • Group and individual messaging
    Send and receive messages with our inbuilt messaging service. Create custom groups that reflect how your club really works.
  • Calendars/Schedules
    Post and view rosters, fixtures and training schedules
  • Profiles
    Up to date information about all your athletes and staff
  • Reports
    Personalised feedback and progress on the go
  • Physical and mental health check ins 
    Receive alerts about athletes state of health, stress levels, nutrition and mental welfare. Manage potential injuries with built in measures and set recovery benchmarks


Pre-Game Notes

Maximise your players performance and identify game play with advanced tools. Map and modify your team’s and opposition’s positions to get the strategic edge. Communicate and plan on the go with the feature’s Pre-Game functionality.

For a more comprehensive Post-Game Match Report, Baseline stores past communication threads and enables multi-media files such as videos, images and documentation to be shared, viewed and commented on by the team or by individual profiles.

Baseline in Schools

Baseline understands high performing schools  – in the sports arena and in the classsroom, with juggling demands and delivering results. See how we can make a difference to your school performance, communications and community health.

Supporting athletes on and off the field

Wellness and Mental Health Management

Baseline is dedicated to improving the performance and supporting the overall health and well being of individuals, teams, schools and clubs.

We provide a simple-to-use set of reporting tools of over 20 variables that allow athletes, coaches, administration and support staff to record their overall physical and mental health information, as well as their progress on injuries.

Students & Athletes

The Baseline mobile app solution enables students and athletes to:

  • monitor their own health and wellness,
  • check mental health symptoms,
  • report on injuries and pressures, and
  • instantly reach out to their support network.

Coaches & Support Staff

Reduce the pressure, stress for teaching and support staff, with a flexible and automated system that gives staff access to:

  • instant insights into student health and conflicting issues,
  • real-time alerts when students/players are at-risk,
  • flexible, interconnected training calendars and schedules that balance student/player workloads

For more information on how Baseline can support Schools, download this pdf

Baseline redefines how support tools provide comprehensive insights into the injury risk, health and wellness of athletes, students and the community around them.

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