With further growing national health concerns within the youth community, tracking their holistic health and wellbeing in particular, has become incredibly important.

In today’s fast paced society, youth experience many issues including:

  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Poor diets and food choices
  • Depression, anxiety and mental health
  • Tobacco use
  • Alcohol and substance use
  • Behaviour that results in injury and violence

The Baseline mobile app allows insights into youth behaviour, which can then be monitored and managed through individual self-assessment.

The app allows:

  • The monitoring of sleep, stress, fatigue, general soreness, motivation, appetite and mood levels.
  • Alerts triggered and SMS messages are automatically sent to warn staff of changes in individual patterns of wellness.
  • Sliding scales to record the different measures of wellness, enable students to complete the app in minutes.
  • The calendar function combines and centralises sporting and academic events.

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