The Power of Social Media

What does your morning routine look like? No, I’m not talking about the wake up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast routine. I’m referring to lie in bed routine. Mine goes something like this. Wake up and spend the next 10-15 minutes scrolling through my phone. This scrolling generally covers Snapchat, Instagram and then Facebook. Following my look into the lives of the individuals around me, I am ready for the day, and to start my “real” morning routine. I have a funny feeling that many of you can relate to this “regime”.

Now I am by no means here to tell how to run your mornings, rather to discuss the power that is social media. So why is the majority of the population consumed by its power, why do we all spend our mornings, our afternoons, our nights scrolling through endless posts? It is simple we, as a society, like to know what everyone is up to.

The truth is, in this day and age, social media is a sure fire way to grow awareness and when used correctly it has the power to make any business in any industry, successful.

Make a schedule and post…. a lot

I never realised the time and effort it took to create a well thought out social media page, until I actually needed to create one. Every eight weeks I sit down for a day or two and write out the next 8 weeks worth of social posts. During this time I research growing trends in the fitness industry to ensure I am ahead of the game. I will always have something to post at least once a day. That being said, if something catches my eye that I believe my followers would be interested in, I will post it. Research has shown us that the most successful accounts post multiple times a day. So I just ensure my content is worthy.

Be informative

If I have learnt one thing about working in the health and fitness industry, it is that people love information. It is essential to remember, that not everyone has my knowledge and experience in fitness and health, therefore I like to be as informative as possible. Not only will your members be grateful, but you may be able to reach a wider audience outside of your gym. Marketing on social media is tough, but if you can be of value to your audience they are likely to respond positively.

Make it personal

Whilst it is great to be informative and highlight your business, society likes to know there is a real individual behind the camera. If your followers can relate to the everyday issues you may be experiencing, you’ll find their level of interaction will increase.  So post a selfie, every once in awhile and take your followers through your daily routines. They will soon realise just how “normal” you are.

It’s all about the #

Starting a social media account can be challenging and who would have thought the humble # would be your saving grace.  They create engagement, with any individual clicking on it can view, your image, your profile and you. A well thought out hashtag can expose your image to a wider and targeted audience. Social media platforms like instagram allow for up to 30 hashtags, so go for it. Research popular hashtags in your market and your account will grow without you really having to lift a finger.

So you see, a small amount of work is required to grow your social following, which should in turn result in a growth in business. Spend time to think about what you want your followers to take from your account and go from there. When budgets are tight and don’t allow for extreme expenses to be allocated to marketing, use social media to your advantage.

Build your brand and engage potential customers. Who knows it could end up being your biggest sales tool.


Naomi Wallis

Product Manager

Naomi speaks all things functional movement. She loves it so much, she adopted it into her daily fitness routine. To say sport was ingrained in Naomi is an understatement.

In fact she loved it so much, she went on to study sports science at university and has worked for some of the best NRL teams in the country.

Her world is revolved around sport and she brings this enthusiasm to the table every single day.