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We as a society love sport and the harsh reality is the sport we love revolves around collisions and high impact contact. As we cheer on the sidelines, we fuel the aggression and passion these athletes radiate every time they run on the field. They run hard to win, they hit hard because we love […]

Should You Even Bother with Setting Goals?

What is your main goal in life? What gets you up out of bed every day? Is it one thing or several little things. It may be to one day run a marathon or on a bigger scale to own your own successful business. Whatever your goal may be, it is safe to say you […]

The Technology Boom!

You may remember a couple of weeks back, I wrote about my addiction to technology in fitness. I monitor everything! How far I am running, my heart rate at certain periods of training and exactly what I was doing in each and every training session is recorded. So why bring up technology again you ask? […]

Don’t Push Past the Warning Signs

Do you ever feel tired, sore and like you just can’t get out of bed? It may be painful to walk up or down stairs, change the gears in your car or simply even to get out of bed. Yes, I have just described my pain after my first CrossFit class and let me tell […]

The Power of Social Media

What does your morning routine look like? No, I’m not talking about the wake up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast routine. I’m referring to lie in bed routine. Mine goes something like this. Wake up and spend the next 10-15 minutes scrolling through my phone. This scrolling generally covers Snapchat, Instagram and then Facebook. Following […]

Is Sports Science Worth the Hype?

I doubt there is a high performance team, elite athlete or everyday sporting individual that does not employ sports science in one form or another. Why you ask? At first it may have been because all the “cool” teams or the greatest athletes were doing it. I can hear it being said in the hallways […]

I Trained and Ate like an Athlete for a Day

I trained and ate like an athlete for a day, here’s what I learnt! Tired is an understatement. I’m sitting here in my lounge room just thinking about the horrendous workouts I was put through. I have always thought of myself to be physically fit however right now I am hurting in places I didn’t […]

Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Your Wellness

Performance is no longer about just “showing up”, but about monitoring your performance. Monitoring performance and wellness metrics is not a new trend; elite athletes and sporting teams have been doing this for years. Monitoring of training loads, prevention of injuries and maximising on field performances at the forefront of the monitoring process. Baseline allows […]

The Secrets of Elite Sport Part 1: Revealed – The Importance of Training Loads

Training loads are not a new concept in the sporting world with elite athletes and teams seeing the importance of monitoring these for years. The real value is seen in the ability to track an individual’s or group’s performances. This information assists in customising future programming, with coaches and athletes gaining greater knowledge regarding training […]