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    Benefits of using Baseline

How Baseline Works for You

Baseline is a world class athlete management product that provides semi pro clubs with access to the same powerful technology used by Professional teams.   The world class solution supports the coordinating of unlimited number of athletes, provides full tools for all internal roles to monitor training, performance and the mental and physical health of athletes. All accessible without straining the budget or draining resources and valuable time while delivering insights into wellness and performance, no matter what the team size, code or school requirement.

It’s easy to track over 20 variables, including injury, stress, sleep, health and mental well-being all using Baselines’s mobile app.

Once established, any changes to this  “baseline” will trigger real-time alerts for staff for immediate attention. These alerts will clearly reflect teams, cohorts or groups where intervention and prevention support programs may be necessary.

  • Save Time and Gain Insight

Connect and Maximise Resources

To provide greater team insight, Baseline’s powerful API integration connects third party sources such as Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, GPS and wearable devices to consolidate data in one place.

Real Time Insights

Baseline’s powerful predictive analytics gathers all disparate data sets from internal and external sources including wearable input. Then algorithms perform analysis and return detailed reports showing trends, predictions, changes in behaviour and performance.

Streamlined Metrics

Important information is prioritised on the dashboard via customisable widgets, including health and competition status of athletes, weekly schedules, captured performance and wellness data, pre-screening measures and game KPIs

Connected Communication Tools

Information is relayed in a timely and efficient manner through:

  • Web-platform, mobile app and email messaging.
  • Group management and messaging.
  • Calendar and event scheduling.
  • Staff-only communication portal.
  • Easy to view dashboard with access to reports for important information and trending.

Real-Time Alerts

Pre-defined and custom alerts on up to 22 variables including, injuries, stress, sleep and hydration,can be created for individuals or groups of athletes and is available on mobile and email.

Easy to view dashboard shows changes, alerts and information at a glance.

Centralised Source of Information

Upload, archive and assign media files to players and staff in a variety of formats to provide accurate feedback and analysis on player performance.

Retain contact information and relevant history and medical information.

Upload external or 3rd party data, including Microsoft excel, GPS units, wearable devices, in one platform.

Cooperation through Connectivity

Streamlined communication tools. Individuals and staff can easily record, access information and synchronise schedules with their native phone calendars.

  • Maximise Resources

Consolidate and Access Information

Utilise administration tools to:

  • Manage role-specific access ensuring maximum security.
  • Collate and update athlete, team and school data, contact information, athlete injury and wellness records.
  • Organise important documents, i.e. annual reports and budgets.
  • Co-ordinate competition groups, year levels and training squads.

Easy to Use

Baseline enables easy data collection. All inputs and reporting are easily understood and actionable.

Which means no additional resources, no analysts, are required to gain benefit.

  • Retain your Intellectual Property

All Information Stays with you

Baseline makes it easy for all information on club, team, school and individuals to be retained through length of service.

Staff changes don’t impact the organisation as all personal information, training, wellness and health details as safely and securely retain in one location.

  • Reduce Injury

Individualised Feedback

Pre-defined reporting tools help review data from one-to-many individuals, identifying those at-risk who may have previously been overlooked in a mess of spreadsheets.

From this information, there is the ability to provide a personalised feedback or to action with supportive 3rd party resources, e.g, physio.

By simply using their personal devices, athletes can access:

  • Performance reports specific to their needs
  • Video capture and sharing from training techniques to on-field performance
  • Direct messaging tools

Athlete Monitoring

The risk of overtraining or injury is reduced by using the following Baseline tools:

  • Wellness measures; for sleep quality, fatigue, motivation and appetite
  • Training response indicators; soreness and tightness ratings for key muscle groups and joints
  • Data capture; choose from 100s of tests or create custom tests to assess your athletes’ all-round performance
  • Custom metrics; including complex or custom equations for specific data

Sports Medicine and Injury Surveillance

Baseline’s comprehensive sports medicine toolkit effectively:

  • Captures and consolidates injury and illness information for athletes
  • Creates reports from injury data, building a proactive plan to protect athletes
  • Boost Performance

Tests and Reports

Capture, store and report on fitness, skill and game data for whole teams and individual athletes.

Work with experts to capture performance metrics and extract meaningful information from the intricate analysis and reporting tool by cross-correlating metrics from multiple data forms.

High Tech Performance

Integrate GPS data for a more complex analysis of athletes through:

  • Maintaining a drill library that integrates GPS data to training session plans to measure planned versus actual training loads
  • Create GPS session reports including drill analysis and track long-term external loading


Baseline’s comprehensive list of training features enables efficiencies in the:

  • Management of team lists and training groups
  • Organisation of training sessions
  • Integration of GPS data into performance feedback
  • Creation of pre-defined reports from game statistics to player key performance indicators

Strength and Conditioning

Ability to build and assign strength and conditioning programs for traditional strength sessions, goal specific sessions or high intensity circuits.

  • Monitor Individual Welfare

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