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The 2016 NRL Coaches Conference was proudly supported by Baseline, an Australian-made Athlete Management System that can help your team reach its fullest potential.

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Craig Catterick

2016 saw the NRL Coaches Conference take place and for many semi-professional and grass-roots coaches, it was a great opportunity to learn, engage and network on all things Rugby. As a Rugby League Coaching icon and 2016 NRL Conference guest speaker, Craig saw this as the perfect opportunity to share how a Sports Management Solution like Baseline can make a positive impact to not just a player’s performance and career, but also to a club’s community and reputation.

Craig shares why Baseline is crucial in Athlete Management

Craig is the Head Trainer for the Kangaroos the Australian National Rugby League Team and Company Director at Competitive Edge Australia, offering training programs for professional athletes. As well as working as a Trainer with Penrith Panthers, Cronulla Sharks and Parramatta Eels, Craig has also featured as the Head Trainer in the recent  2016 NRL Rookie Television Series on the Nine Network.

Player safety is paramount, the players are the product and we need to be protected. I think the idea of having someone like a Craig, who has a background in nursing, to make a diagnosis when a player is concussed or not is great.

Whether you’re the manager, coach or physio, you know that player wellness is crucial to promoting a healthy sporting community, balancing workloads and ultimately, winning games.

At SMG Technologies, we have two solutions to help you achieve all this and more.

If you want to get the most out of your club or team performance with reporting, streamlined administration, messaging and communication while also supporting athlete injury, health and wellness, there’s the full-featured Baseline platform.

Or if you need an entry-level solution for all budgets that provides the essentials that every club or team needs, including individuals’ health and welfare, then there’s FITeam.

Powered by Baseline

Web Rookie Video Series featuring Craig Catterick

Long-serving Rugby League head trainer, Craig Catterick shares his coaching experiences, game knowledge and why you should consider an Athlete Management System like Baseline for your team.

A Solution for Every Club.
No Matter the Budget, Team Size or Skill Level.

SMG Technologies offers two powerful solutions that support clubs in the management of physical injuries and post-concussion treatments. By monitoring, protecting and intervening, we help athletes return safely to the game they love.

We have developed solutions that support every demand of sports clubs and teams today no matter what your budget, size of club or skill levels. The added functionality of both solutions is that neither requires speciality staff to perform.


Number of Users


(Minimum Player Availability & Performance Monitoring)

Platform - Support and Training

Concussion Management


(Widgets, Reporting & Status)

Real-time Alerts

Data Capture and Storage 

(Minimum Training Load & Self Injury Log)

Individual Athlete Profile

Injury, Wellness & Mental Health 

(20+ Variables)

Predictive Analytics - Trends & Alerts 

(Powered by XELA)

Role Specific Permissions 

Communications Portal 

(Calendar, Email, Txt & Group Messaging)


(Minimum Training Load, Wellness & Mental Health)

Video and Document Sharing

Mobile App 

(iOS & Android Compatible)

Wearable Devices Connectivity

Sports Medicine


Addditional Tests Capture & Reports


Talent Identification and Tracking

Strength and Conditioning

GPS and Third-Party Device Integration

Member Finance



10 Tests





2 Logs




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