If knowing what was on my mind meant you could help, would you advocate for it?

Students have more responsibilities than ever before. But do they have the support to achieve them?

From balancing studies, sports competition and training, extra-curricular activities, family and other commitments, students have a lot going on.

Without the support to manage this pressure, students can start to feel isolated and alone, which may eventually take its toll on their relationships, family and future.

As a teacher, you are vigilant.
You are observant.
You care.

But do you have the resources to make a difference? With Baseline, you can.

School teachers only identify one-third of students with emotional or behavioural problems.

The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (2015): Australian Government

The greatest superpower is just awareness.

The Opportunity to Act

Baseline provides teachers, coaches and staff visibility across a student’s mental and physical wellness.

With over 22 wellness metrics, Baseline supports the management and coordination of all students no matter their level of academic activity, interests or athletic skill level. Over time, statistical data can identify potential at-risk students and prompt early intervention or monitoring.

Mental fatigue limits exercise tolerance and maximal performance.

To achieve the best from your athletes, both the physiological and psychological factors need to be monitored.

Mental fatigue impairs physical performance in humans (Samuele M. Marcora, Walter Staiano, Victoria Manning): Journal of Applied Physiology 2009

The rates of depression in 11–17 year olds is double when self-reported than when parents or carers did so.

The mental health of children and adolescents (2015): australian government

Empowers Students Through Self-awareness

  • Self-reporting provides higher rates of compliance and accuracy.
  • Students understand the influences that impact them daily.
  • The school community is supported to participate in healthy extra curricular activity.
  • A safe approach to sharing possible challenges and issues with sporting activity  – mitigate possible worsening of injuries as monitoring of changes clearly displayed that could otherwise have gone unnoticed.
  • Supports the communication of school staff to students to share summary patterns as a wider group on the impact sleep has on stress and school or sport performance. The power resides with the feedback provided by the student.

Personalised Feedback to Encourage Continued Engagement

  • Students in need of help can be proactively supported in confidence.
  • Unlimited user access so staff can also be monitored and supported given their increase in workloads and today’s pressures.
  • Staff are given a holistic and comprehensive view of each individual student.
  • Patterns across cohorts can determine groups with more general stresses or what areas may require further investigation.
  • Injury and sport health management ensures performing individuals and teams are giving very detailed feedback and support for future career development.

Connecting Communities

  • Allows staff and students to communicate via a common portal to ensure study, training and other activities are managed. This is a safe and secure process, with user defined permissions that encourages feedback, providing support and resulting actions where required.
  • With the pressure to achieve and balance across school, sports and family demands this mechanism is user friendly. All sports codes can also be managed, saving staff valuable time and pressure – including the ability to retain all emails, txts, social threads.
  • The communication centre supports organising teams, and sharing supportive videos and activity to promote participation and ease staff pressure.

Help From Anywhere at Anytime

  • Baseline is a cloud-based system adapted for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Students in need can further reach out to their support network with one-click.
  • Staff are supported in their role as carers and for the sports and administration team they can access all communications and student health, injury and availability to join training and game day at anytime from anywhere.

Around 128,000 (7.5%) of young people aged 12–17 years had seriously considered suicide in the previous 12 months.

The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (2015): Australian Government

This is why Baseline is a priority

Visibility Over Community Health

  • Understand the triggers, context, routine and pain points of school environments and events.
  • Visibility and data guides the implementation and planning of appropriate strategies.

Holistic Health Profile

  • Profiles are centralised securely for the duration of a student’s academic career.
  • Stored information includes emergency contact details, medical records, health history, immunisations, and injuries.
  • Baseline integrate with existing it infrastructure and other sources for complete overview.

Reduce the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

  • Self-reporting and feedback tools educate students on mental health symptoms.
  • Recognition of symptoms for increases likelihood of seeking help and allows more accountability for own health.

1-in-7 children and adolescents aged 14–17 years experience a mental disorder.

The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (2015): Australian Government

How Baseline Helps

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